>South Dakota Wants To Legalize Murder


You know, just when you think Arizona and Utah, and, well, okay, South Carolina, have cornered the market on ridiculous in legislation, along comes another state that makes those three, and so many others, seem perfectly normal.

Case in point: South Dakota. There is a new law under consideration in South Dakota that would expand the definition of “justifiable homicide” to include killings that are intended to prevent harm to a fetus. This would make it legal to kill abortion doctors.

Legalized murder.

Of course, this is a Republican proposal; it passed out of committee on a nine-to-three party-line vote, and is expected to face a floor vote in the state’s GOP-dominated House of Representatives soon.

The sponsor of the bill, one Republican wingnut, Phil Jensen, a committed foe of abortion rights, alters the state’s legal definition of justifiable homicide by adding language stating that a homicide is permissible if committed by a person “while resisting an attempt to harm” that person’s unborn child or the unborn child of that person’s spouse, partner, parent, or child. 

So, a man whose wife, girlfriend or lover is having an abortion can shoot the doctor and it’s all just okay. A girl’s father, brother, uncle, cousin, could commit murder and get, not even a slap on the wrist but a pat on the back.

What galls me about these Pro-lifers, is their lust to kill doctors in what they see as an effort to protect unborn children. See, to them, as Dennis Miller once said, it’s wrong to terminate life in the first, second, or third trimester, but perfectly acceptable to do it in the two-hundred-third trimester.

Seriously, South Dakota. What’s next? Will it become acceptable to kill the pharmacist who gives out the morning after pill? Can you shoot a doctor who prescribes birth control? Will the use of a condom now be considered a capital offense.



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3 responses to “>South Dakota Wants To Legalize Murder

  1. >I swear, they've reached such a low point that they're just throwing crap out there to see what will stick.

  2. >These Tea Baggers are evil. They hate America and its freedoms.

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