>Please To Explain……

>I loves me some Diana Ross, but, well, even I don’t get this song.
What is she singing about, and what in the heck is this video supposed to be?



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7 responses to “>Please To Explain……

  1. >WOW.That's like a combination of Cats, Thriller and the Ice Capades. I can't believe it wasn't a mega-hit :)XOXOXOXO

  2. >I remember this song from the 80's… it was one of the few videos the dance bar in Baton Rouge owned in 1987, so they played it incessantly! Her boyfriends eyes were so cold they were like pieces of ice.

  3. >You are a very sweet & lucky boy JPB… leave it alone… there is no reason for everyone to understand everything….Just understand that the "to" unexplainable happens.xoxoxw – bless you both.

  4. >I remember this song. I think it was about cold hearts

  5. >Wow. This is how far back the 80s really are. I couldn't place the time of this song even though I knew it was after "Endless Love" and before "All Of You". I tried looking for it, but for some reason you can't even find the CD where it was featured — let alone a compilation CD.

  6. >I vaguely remember this as one of Ms. R's most forgettable and regrettable songs. As a fine young thing in the 80s, most recognition of songs stopped at the beat. If I could shake my assets in time with a beat, well….There are many worse examples, thank heaven. But Ms. Ross was complicit at the time.

  7. Jim

    >Was this the beginning of "Furry fandom"? (google it, it's… um, interesting):-/

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