>That’s Our Nikki


Nikki Haley, or as I prefer to call her, Mark Sanford In A Dress, ran her campaign on a promise of transparency in government.
She lied.
It seems that the task force appointed by Nikki to solve South Carolina’s massive financial crisis has not met in over a month, and has never given the required public notice of the meetings it has held.
Hmmm, financial crisis, but no meetings.
Hmmm, required public notice avoided.
Yes. She lied.
South Carolina’s $1 billion shortfall was dubbed a top priority by Nikki when she was running for governor, and, to be fair, she did appoint a Fiscal Crisis Task Force two weeks after her election. But, yeah, that panel has not had one meeting since their initial meeting.
I guess for Nikki, a billion dollar shortfall is no big deal.
No big deal, also, is her promise of transparency in her administration. The Fiscal Crisis Task Force board has never notified the public of its meetings, and its chairman candidly admits that public scrutiny could make it difficult to discuss tough ideas.
So, keep it all a secret.
The only thing transparent about Nikki Haley is that she is clearly a liar.



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One response to “>That’s Our Nikki

  1. >She's probably getting ready to cut social programs as we speak, which probably doesnt' require a meeting at all.I feel sorry for you guys getting stuck with her.

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