>The Weekend Flew By


Where the eff did the weekend go? it seemed like I jumped from Friday morning to Sunday night in a flash.

Of course, it doesn’t help much that, so far, 2011 has been The Year of The Sick. After ringing in the New year with the dreaded Shingles, and then feeling the consequences of them–round the clock head pain and then a few days of unbelievable headaches–I suddenly realized that I had gone a week without any nerve pain at all. I still have some blotches, and, well, some gnarly scars, but the pain seems to have gone away.

To be replaced by the flu.

I have been sneezy, stuffy, coughy, achy, and, most of all, b itchy, for the past several days, and I wondered, When the flu goes, what ailment will replace it?

I am cautiously optimistic that it will be a bout of good health for a change.

A couple of weeks ago, Carlos and I went to PetSmart–or is it PetsMart, I can never remember–to get cat and dog food. And, as is my habit, I make a beeline for the cats when we enter the store. There is always one that I want, or maybe two, and I make Carlos come and look at him or her, and murmur how we could save this little cat. And then Common Sense, AKA Carlos takes over, and we leave without a feline kid in tow. 

But, on this particular weekend, it was Carlos who found a cat he liked. When I moved to Miami, Carlos had many cats, one of whom was a Calico named Spunky. Spunky was, to put it nicely, a bit of a bitch, but we loved her nonetheless. Ad she always held a soft spot in his heart. You can read about Spunky if you click “Meet The Kids tab at the top of this page, or just click “HERE and scroll down a bit. 


Anyway, when he saw this little Calico, Molly, he wanted her. We talked about it; I told him this was the first time he had found a cat he wanted, so maybe we should get it.
This past Sunday, he decided Yes. We we back at PetSmart, or whatever, and were surprised to find that the woman who had fostered Molly was in the room with the cats. So, she let us in, and we talked our house, and our cats, and dog, and were allowed to hold Molly–sidenote: if we get her, we have already decided that she will come through a version of a Feline Ellis Island and change her name to Consuelo Ortega Jones–and pet her.

The woman wasn’t keen on adopting “Molly” out just yet, because she was still very skittish, so we agreed to come back next week. But, we visited with Spots and Bonnie and Repete while we waited. All of them were lovely, but, well, Carlos wants his Consuelo.

So, stay tuned, our little family may grow!



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7 responses to “>The Weekend Flew By

  1. >Good luck with the adoption! I always visit the cats too – being allergic as we are we have to take our cat loving as we can.

  2. >I keep my fingers crossed for her 😉

  3. >I hope you can give Molly a new home. I'll keep my fingers crossed.

  4. Joy

    >Awww, she's beautiful! Hope she becomes Consuelo!

  5. Joy

    >Those are separate comments. Spunky is beautiful, and I hope Molly becomes Consuelo.

  6. >Awww, I hope all goes well and you two guys can make Consuelo a part of your loving family!

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