>Montana Sucks


Out there in Missoula, Montana, an ordinance was passed which banned discrimination on citizens based on sexual orientation and gender. And little Missoula stood tall, until…..

This week, when the Republican majority on the House Judiciary Committee approved a bill to overturn Missoula’s 2010 ordinance.

Kristin Hansen

The bill, written by Kristin Hanson, a Republican, of course, because they are the party of bigots, for the most part, now moves to the House floor for debate this week.

Debating equality. How’s that for a giant step back!

Hanson Bigot Bill would prohibit local governments–like Missoula and Bozeman–from enacting any ordinance or policy that would protect residents from discrimination based on their sexual orientation and gender.

See, the GOP that runs the state house in Montana wants to make sure that LGBT people are discriminated against anywhere and everywhere, because, well, that’s how the GOP rolls.

Edie McClafferty

This same judicial panel also voted to table a bill written by Democrat Edie McClafferty, that would have broadened the Montana Human Rights Act to prohibit discrimination statewide based on gender identity or expression and sexual orientation. 

It’s quite simple.

Montana does not like the gays.

Now, I know, you’re thinking that it’s the GOP in Montana that doesn’t like The Gays. But the people of Montana voted for these wingnuts and are sitting idly by, staring at the big sky, while discrimination is tolerated.

If you’re gay.

So, if you’re gay, or, hell, gay-friendly, and you can do it, get out of Montana. And if you gay, or gay-friendly, stay away from Montana. They are plenty of places in this country, even here in freakin’ South Carolina, that welcome gay people, and protect them from discrimination.

Montana does not.
Montana sucks.




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3 responses to “>Montana Sucks

  1. >It's a safe bet I'll never visit Montana in this lifetime.

  2. >This is a mess and a half

  3. JR

    >Just scratched off Montana as a state I wanted to visit. I feel so sorry for the people that have to live in that state while it is run by a bunch of bigots. And like what was said, why are we discussing equality at all, it should be a given for all people. Hugs, JR

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