>Architecture Wednesday: Not A Panic Room, But A Panic House


This modern house is located in Warsaw, Poland. And while it seems minimalist and quite ultra-modern, it isn’t the house that caught mu eye. it’s the bunker the house becomes that made me llok again.

It’s like a fortified castle. When the owner isn’t home the house appears to be a bunker without windows and doors. But, when the owner enters the main gate the house is transformed in something completely different. All the windows and doors and walls become visible, and it is revealed to be a luxury residence, down to it’s indoor pool.

Why have a panic room, when you can have a panic house?




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3 responses to “>Architecture Wednesday: Not A Panic Room, But A Panic House

  1. Lou

    >I think it's really sad that they feel so vulnerable that they'd go to this extreme to feel safe. I suspect that arriving home to that ugly concrete bunker every night would just reinforce any feelings of victimisation.

  2. >I may be a bit twisted but I think the bunker is gorgeous. Strong, defined, beyond minimal, a total FU to the outside. I love the way it sits proudly in its landscaped plot. And then it opens to reveal the most divine building. I want one.

  3. >There is lot of houses or the environment In that way which seems to be scarier to us and that makes to panic. We should make proper lightening for that.

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