>In North Carolina They Want To Beat a Dead Horse


Or, in this case, make more and more laws showing their utter disgust for marriage equality and the LGBT community.


A North Carolina state senator, James Forrester, a Republican of course, filed an anti-LGBT constitutional amendment on marriage.
The text of his bigoted amendment would ban recognition of any domestic union other than that of marriage between a man and a woman.
If approved by the legislature, the amendment would go up for a public vote in November 2012. Three-fifths of both the House and Senate must approve the amendment before it can appear on the ballot; the governor has no veto authority on amendments.
Forrester was joined in sponsoring the legislation by fellow Republicans bigots, and homophobes, Jerry Tillman, and Dan Soucek. Twenty other senators, all of whom are Republican, go figure, are co-sponsoring the bill.
Let me get this queer: all these Republicans were swept into office last year because they wanted to fix the economy and dismantle and toss into the garbage, Health Care reform, but here they are, working overtime to ban things that are already banned.
Yes, it is illegal for gay couples to marry in North Carolina, but these Republican nutjobs want to beat that dead horse, and amend the constitution, rather than fix what truly ails their state.




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3 responses to “>In North Carolina They Want To Beat a Dead Horse

  1. >The AssHats in Virginia did the same thing a few years ago… The South is always behind the times and continue to prove it every day!

  2. >I'd love to see someone try and outlaw divorce. It's only fair.

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