>Just For Giggles: Palin Is Two-Faced


One of Mama Grizzly Bore’s former minions, and a disgruntled one, at that, has ALLEGEDLY written a book about the half-wit, half-term governor.
I say ALLEGEDLY because no one has seen the whole thing yet,m but parts of it are being leaked all over the webz. And one of the most interesting parts, is about The Grizzly Bore and his dual Facebook accounts.
We all know about the Sarah Palin Facebook account, But now there is a new Facebooker, and her, or his, name is “Lou Sarah”. This account has been created with the same Gmail address as the, um, for lack of a better term, óriginal’, Sarah Palin, and seems to have been created solely for the purpose of allowing “Lou Sarah” to heap praise on Sarah Palin.
The Gmail address is available for anyone to see in the leaked manuscript about Sarah Palin, and the Facebook page for “Lou Sarah”–the Grizzly Bore’s middle name is “Louise”…she’s so original–is just a bunch of praise and “Likes” for all things Palin.
The bloggers at Wonkette have been reading the leaked Palin book, even though they believe it isn’t exactly primed for publication just yet. Frank Bailey and his co-authors really only have a bunch of Sarah Palin’s e-mails, but it does give Palin’s personal Gmail address.
Wonkette searched this address on Facebook, and discovered that Palin keeps a second Facebook account, for “Lou Sarah”.
And here are some of “Lou’s” Facebooks:

It’s funny, because it’s desperate.
Just like The Grizzly Bore.

Hat tip to Wonkette!

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One response to “>Just For Giggles: Palin Is Two-Faced

  1. >I think this is just the tip of the iceberg. I think many politicians do things like this, including those on our side. Ours are smarter about it, thank god.

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