>I loved The King’s Speech. I’ve always adored Helena Bonham Carter in anything and everything she does, and throw a little Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush into the mix and it becomes glorious. I loved the look of the film, too. Very authentic, until…….
I learned that the very sets on which THE KING OF ENGLAND learned to lose the stammer were used in an, ahem, all-male adult film.

Okay, so the walls are similar, but wait,
there’s more:



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8 responses to “>WTF!?!!?

  1. >When the Harry Potter sets show up you know there will be trouble…

  2. >First the diner set in Lady Gaga's Telephone and now this! I can't even fain surprise – I want to see The King's Speech and the porno even more. 🙂

  3. >I LOL'd when I read this yesterday.I'm not too interested in seeing The King's Speech – but now I MUST go looking for that other "movie"!!XOXOXOXO

  4. >So which came first? The King or the porno?

  5. >That is hilarious! I'm with Sean. Which one was shot first?

  6. >OMG – that is TOOO funny. 🙂

  7. >Oh Internet, you never let us down. My friend Ron once let a porn company rent his flat for an adult film (it paid his month's rent and then some) and watching the video was more exciting than usual. Not because of the sex between all the hot guys, but because we could see Ron's toaster in the background and his cactus in the living room (the Barbie collection wasn't featured though). When the actors got on the kitchen table we were all skeeved out until Ron assured us he had bleached it several times after the shoot. Still–none of us thought of the kitchen table the same way again.

  8. >Doesn't that technically make the movie better? No wonder the guy had a stammer… his mouth was full.

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