>Senora Consuelo Roca-Jones.

We saw her a few weeks back and Carlos fell in love with her, so, this afternoon, the adoption papers were signed and she moved in with us.
She is adapting nicely, so far, but hasn’t yet met the other kids.
Maybe tomorrow.



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9 responses to “>Introducing……

  1. >Oh, she's adorable! Look at that face! Is she a loving little sweetheart? I can't wait to hear how she gets on with the other kids. Congrats!

  2. >I was SOOOOOOOOO hoping you were going to get her!!!!!!!Can't wait to hear all about her.XOXOXOXOXO

  3. >Being non-cat-allergic-peoples – is it tricky bringing a new cat into the family? Dogs have a few moments but usually nothing much of a doing. We had a guest Basset Hound over Thanksgiving and that involved a lot of baying!

  4. >Oh!PS – she is beyond cute and adorable!Take lots of pictures!

  5. Bob

    >Froggy: We just have to slowly introduce her to the other cats. She does quite well with cats, but needs to adapt to ours, and them to her.She's seen max, and hissed.She's seen Ozzo, her first dog, and just stared!

  6. >Cute calico! I remember when I brought Terri and Torrie home five years ago. I had to keep Ricky separated from them for a few days until they got acquainted.

  7. >My felid Angie is staring at me as I write. Cute cat. Best of luck integrating her into the family.

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