>Consuelo Roca Jones: #4 of 1500

>Consuelo has been discovering more and more of the house today. She is being sniffed at by Ozzo, hissed at by Tuxedo, growled at by Max and chased by Tallulah, but she doesn’t care.
As someone told me, she’s a real Latina Spitfire!



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5 responses to “>Consuelo Roca Jones: #4 of 1500

  1. >She really is one of the prettiest cats.

  2. >Supermodel!!BTW – LOVE the title.XOXOXO

  3. >I'm sorry but Consuelo is just being picked on because she's so gorgeous. Kitties can be so bitchy…She is stunning, KNOW THAT.

  4. >She really is a pretty cat. You really have a full house now huh? And I see you are going to try to blow David's bluff with a 1500 post!

  5. >She knows how to pose.

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