>Consuelo Roca Jones: #5 of 1500

>Today she was making her presence known.
Nothing was off-limits and she is less cautious around the other cats. At one point I found her being chased down the hall by Tuxedo, and was going to reprimand My Boy, but then Consuelo literally turned tail and chased Tuxedo back up the hall.
All is fair in war.

She discovers a second water bowl.



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5 responses to “>Consuelo Roca Jones: #5 of 1500

  1. >Aw, the baby's growing up. Pretty soon she'll have her own show on Bravo!

  2. >She looks very my like my Shelby! Strikingly similar markings!!

  3. >She seems to have a very hefty tail. All the better for bitchslapping with!

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