>I Didn’t Say It…….

>Sarah Palin, on Obama’s decision not to defend DOMA:

“I have always believed that marriage is between one man and one woman. Like the majority of Americans, I support the Defense of Marriage Act and find it appalling that the Obama administration decided not to defend this federal law which was enacted with broad bipartisan support and signed into law by a Democrat president. It’s appalling, but not surprising that the President has flip-flopped on yet another issue from his stated position as a candidate to a seemingly opposite position once he was elected.”

Oh, you stupid, confused, narcissistic, pandering gasbag.
Obama hasn’t flip-flopped, you fool.
He campaigned for, and won the presidency on the desire to repeal DOMA.
So, you keep lying, and pandering, and playing to your base, while saying the most incredibly inaccurate and stupid things ever.
Just when I think you can’t be more of a total wingnut, you prove there’s a whole sub-basement to your idiocy.

AfterElton’s Michael Jensen, on Josh Brolin and Javier Bardem’s kiss and dance at the Oscars not being shown–instead we were treated to a cut-away to Penelope Cruz:

“Viewers saw the two men walk out onto stage where they engaged in an apparently impromptu dance, though viewers only saw a flash of that before the camera jumped to an extended shot of Penelope Cruz…So why the cut away? On one hand, it seems unlikely that ABC would find a kiss between Bardem and Brolin to be something needing to be censored. After all, back in 2006, the Oscar telecast included a Brokeback Mountain spoof featuring Jon Stewart and George Clooney in bed. On the other hand, the cutaway to Cruz seemed awkward and clearly lasted until the two men had stopped dancing.”

I think it has to do with the Oscars not being the Tonys, where men kiss, and women kiss, and people thank they same-sex lovers and partners regularly in acceptance speeches.
Oscar needs to grow up.

Bruce Cohen, an openly gay man, attempts to explain ABC’s cut-away from the kiss and dance between Brolin and Bardem:

“It [the dance and the kiss] was unscripted, and the plan in the truck was always to cut to Penelope in the audience applauding Josh’s and Javier’s introduction, so that is what happened, just as they were starting to dance. Josh and Javier’s moment (I saw them start to dance, but, to be honest, I have no idea if they kissed — that’s the first I’ve heard of that) would have made a great TV moment, but since no one knew it was coming, we cut to the gorgeous Mz. Cruz as planned. By the time we cut back from her close-up, James and Javier were walking to the podium.”

Hmmm, sounds a little shady to me, because, in the nanosecond that the dance appeared, when they made the decision to cut to Cruz, they could have easily made the decision to cut back to Brolin and Bardem.

Randy Thomasson, Save California’s leading bigot, homophobe, hater and liar, on AG Eric Holder not defending DOMA in court:

“It’s downright frightening to hear U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder suggest that moral disapproval of homosexual marriages is somehow unconstitutional. What’s next? Federal lawsuits against states with man-woman marriage laws — and federal investigations of individuals who believe that marriage is only for a man and a woman? Barack Obama lied when he said he’d defend marriage for only a man and a woman. And now Obama is following in the footsteps of another liar — that’s Jerry Brown of California. We need to pray for justice to be done. We need to pray for protection from God because America is going down the toilet morally because of its disobedience to God. And we need to ask for God’s mercy, something we certainly don’t deserve.””

Um, Randy, God has nothing to do with the laws of this country.
The Bible has nothing to do with the laws of this country.
If they did, we’d have a lot more pressing things to worry about.
Like Red Lobster and their heathen practice of serving shrimp.
Like Calvin Klein and his blasphemous use of mixed fabrics.
Yeah, let’s start a protest over that.

Alan Keyes, on DOMA:

“Government doesn’t endow people with the ability to procreate the species. The Creator takes care of that. Like all unalienable rights, those associated with the natural family exist in consequence of this endowment. A couple that cannot, by nature, procreate has no claim to those rights. Nor can government grant them a semblance of it without impairing the claims of one or both of the parents biologically implicated in the physical conception of the child. The DOMA simply makes more explicit the government’s obligation to secure the Creator-endowed unalienable rights of the natural family. This obligation precludes government from fabricating other rights that impair them. In this respect, granting homosexuals the right to marry is like granting plantation owners the right to own slaves.”

You’re right, asshat.
Government doesn’t enable people to create life, but God doesn’t run the government, now does she?
Marriage is a legal, civil institution, not a religious one. Please understand, you moron, that when two people, male and female, male and male, female and female, marry in this country, they are not legally married unless the government says so.
The churches have no say in the matter after they perform their rituals.

Mike Huckabee, fucktard and presidential hopeful–that makes me giggle because there is no way Huckabee will ever be president–on same-sex parents:

“I believe that we’re in denial about potential problems as we see more and more homosexual couples raising families. Essentially, these are experiments to see how well children will fare in such same-sex households. It will be years before we know whether or not our little guinea pigs turn out to be good at marriage and parenthood.”

Mike, you dumbass.
You keep mentioning the “problems” associated with gay couples, or gay people, raising children, and yet you never explain further.
If you are so concerned about children being raised by heterosexual couples only, then why aren’t you fighting heterosexual divorce?
Seems to be that if you cared about children and parents, you’d be working to keep heterosexual couples together.
I guess it’s just easier to gay bash.

Aaron Schock, the turquoise belt-wearing not-gay Congressman, on DOMA:

“I would say it’s disappointing he is unilaterally making that decision when a bipartisan Congress passed a law into effect. It was supported by Democrats and Republicans and was signed into law by then-President Clinton.”

Let’s see….just because some law had bipartisan support doesn’t mean it’s fair and equitable.
I mean, were that the case, we might still own slaves in this country, because a couple of hundred years ago everyone was for it.
Woman might not have the vote because it used to be the law.
Oh, Aaron, hony, I think that when you finally get a boyfriend, and finally come out, you’ll change your mind.
And you’ll make a beautiful bride.

Mike Huckabee [AGAIN!], on how Obama grew up in Kenya–and he actually said that…as if it means anything:
“And I have said many times, publicly, that I do think he has a different worldview and I think it is, in part, molded out of a very different experience. Most of us grew up going to Boy Scout meetings and, you know, our communities were filled with Rotary Clubs, not madrassas.”
Oh he’s trying to kill two birds with one stone.
First, he’s feeding Teabagger frenzy about Obama being born in Kenya–even though, after he first said Kenya, he said he misspoke and meant Indonesia.
But the use of “madrassas” is also interesting.
See, in English, the term madrassas, or madrasah, usually refers to the specifically Islamic institutions, that offer two courses of study: a hifz course teaching memorization of the Qur’anand an ‘alim course leading the candidate to become an accepted scholar in the community.
See, Mike Huckabee doesn’t have the balls to say it out loud, he just wants people to think Obama was born in Kenya and he’s a Muslim.
Huckabee was born in America and he’s a fucktard.


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6 responses to “>I Didn’t Say It…….

  1. >Bob, every time you display that freaky pic of Huckabee you induce in me a stroke, a heart attack, and a grand mal seizure all at once. I can't take it!!

  2. >That second pic of Huckabee hurts my eyes to look at it.I'm awaiting Schock to be outed by that one blogger who outs closeted GOP politicians, but I'd still rather see Miss Lindsey outed first.

  3. >Meee threee on the picture!!And, I don't believe for a MINUTE that was a misspeak!

  4. >Mike is changing into a very horrible person

  5. >Huckabean is getting so ridiculous that it almost feels like a set-up to make any other Republican look good. And fourtsies on that picture. Yikes.

  6. >I obviously wasn't the only one who reacted to the Huckabee picture. I ran to the phone to call my optician! It's freaky, if you stare at it long enough does another image emerge?

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