>Consuelo Roca Jones: #7 of 1500


Miss Jones

And, because the other pets are getting jealous of all the attention……


Max Goldberg

Tallulah Belle

And Ozzo the Pocket Dog


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3 responses to “>Consuelo Roca Jones: #7 of 1500

  1. >Bob, Miss Jones is gorgeous, but so are all your 'children'. You are one lucky man to have so many. If only Tiger wasn't so anti-social I'd fill the house. But unfortunately, she's getting old and stuck in her ways. I love your blog btw, as a Brit, I find the politics of the US, both fascinating and horrifying. Over the pond, we do get right wing nutters, but thankfully our churches/faiths are well separated from Goverment. We aren't perfect yet but perhaps a step or two further ahead on the road to equality. Keep up the good work. Keep bashing them down everytime they dare pop their heads above the parapet.

  2. >Ozzo is so cute in that pic!

  3. >You and Carlos have the cutest kids!XOXOXO

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