>Consuelo Roca Jones: #10 of 1500

>Today was a mixed bag for Miss Jones.
One Daddy, AKA The Nice One, praised her for using the scratching post twice instead of using, oh, i don’t know, a dining room chair, to sharpen her claws.
But the other Daddy, AKA The Latino One, yelled at her because she knocked a Bonsai off the table in the sunroom.
Consuelo did not take the yelling very well, as you can see, from her new spot, under the bed–where she took down the batting from under the box-spring to sleep on……



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3 responses to “>Consuelo Roca Jones: #10 of 1500

  1. >So who taught who a lesson?

  2. >Ohhhhh- she does not look happy! Carlos better watch out!Gladys

  3. Joy

    >She's not as sweet as she looks, so Other Daddy had better watch his tone!

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