>Consuelo Roca Jones: #12 of 1500


Miss Jones, or Little Girl, or Consuelito, loves a window.
I don’t think there’s a window in the house she hasn’t looked out of, and a window sill upon which she hasn’t sat.
This picture makes me wonder….
Is she planning her escape?
Is she thinking, Hmmmm, roasted Cardinal sounds good for dinner?
Or is she planning on rallying the local wild animals to stage a coup at Casa Smallville?
Meanwhile, Ozzo got a bath. And I thought, Thanks heavens for little dogs and big laundry room sinks!
And, like Miss Jones, he seemed ready to plot his escape.



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4 responses to “>Consuelo Roca Jones: #12 of 1500

  1. Joy

    >The blonde diva Brigit spends quite a bit of her time looking out windows, too. It makes her brave when interloper cats walk by outside allowing her to have a hissy fit – literally. Ozzo is not a happy little dog with that bath!! Miss Jones seems to have made herself right at home! How are the others treating her?

  2. >I think Miss Jones is wondering if that angle makes her ass look big.

  3. >Torrie spends a lot of time looking out the window, too. Cute!

  4. Bob

    >@Joy:Ozzo chases her, but she's too fast.Max is leery.Tallulah is [mostly] oblivious.Tuxedo likes to play with her.

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