>Consuelo Roca Jones: #16 of 1500

>Damn you DD, and your DustBunny proclamations, this is getting hard!
Still, today I discovered that Consuelo does not like closed doors.
This is the door to a closet in the office, but maybe she thinks it’s an escape hatch?



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2 responses to “>Consuelo Roca Jones: #16 of 1500

  1. >Oh Darling – You have put in such a good effort that the Proclamation is officially rescinded.New Proclamation: Feel free to post pictures of that adorable feline any time you see fit.The Queen has spoken…BTW – Oscar and Dusty are getting jealous of all the media attention Miss CRJ is getting. I know this because they keep telephoning their Publicist and hissing wildly once they get him on the line.XOXOXOXO

  2. >Terri does that with the bathroom door whenever I'm in it. And as I was going to remark how cute CRJ looks doing this Terri went "ack-ack-ack-BLAH!" *pukes on carpet*Hopefully CRJ doesn't do that.

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