>Consuelo Roca Jones Quits The Modeling Biz

>Well, it’s not such a shock. After being hounded for two weeks by the bobarazzi, and finding herself splattered across the internet like Britney Spears with electric shears, Miss Consuelo Roca Jones has been granted a reprieve from the Daily Pictorial by the Grand Marquesa de DustBunnies, DavidDust.
She will no longer be making a daily appearance in this space, and I will no longer see this face every time I reach for a camera:

Miss Jones has conceded to making the occasional appearance here, as she is nothing, if not gracious, to her fans. But she will be enjoying her semi-retirement, sitting in windows, trying to slither under doors, chasing Tuxedo, scaring Max, and flopping to the floor because she wants a belly scratch.
Miss Jones regrets she’s unable to model today.



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4 responses to “>Consuelo Roca Jones Quits The Modeling Biz

  1. >We will miss her!Abby wants to know if she has time to be an Evil Minion now?

  2. >Think of the children, Bob, THE CHILDREN.Wow, I'm bored today.

  3. >Kitty stink eyes rule!

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