>I Didn’t Say It……


Donald Trump, presidential not-gonna-be, pandering to his base of illiterate birthers:
“He grew up and nobody knew him. You know! When you interview people, if ever I got the nomination, if I ever decide to run, you may go back and interview people from my kindergarten. They’ll remember me. Nobody ever comes forward about Obama. Nobody knows who he is until later in his life. It’s very strange. The whole thing is very strange.”
What’s not strange, is that all those people who knew you in kindergarten, would probably say you were an egotistical self-involved fuck when you were six years old.
Just like today.
Jodie Foster, on Mel Gibson, who, before he hit his girlfriend and plead no contest, starred in a movie Foster directed:

“God, I love that man. The performance he gave in this movie, I will always be grateful for. He brought a lifetime of pain to the character that we’ve been talking about for years, that I knew was part of his psyche and who he is. It’s part of him that is beautiful and that I want people to know, too. He’s so incredibly loving and sensitive, he really is….And he’s not saintly, and he’s got a big mouth, and he’ll do gross things your nephew would do. But I knew the minute I met him that I would love him the rest of my life. We talked about it [his relationship with Oksana Grigorieva] all the way through, about what was going on in his life….It was a bad situation. His assistant called me: ‘Come to the trailer!’ And I went to his trailer, and he was a mess. Then he came on set, and he didn’t have any makeup on, anything. He came in and sat down on the chair and said, ‘OK, roll it,’ and did two takes that were just beautiful. Then he got on the plane and left.”

Such a good man.
Who plead “no contest”which is akin to I’m guilty but please no put me in prison, for hitting a woman who was holding a baby, his baby.
Jodie, i used to have respect for you, but, well, not so much any more.

Cindy Jacobs, wingnut Christian, on why God devastated Japan:

“This island, Hokkaido, looks like the head of a dragon with the body being the rest of Japan. The people of Asia have worshipped the dragon for 5,000 years. If one looks at the place where the earthquake took place, it looks like the soft underbelly of most vulnerable part of the dragon. Let’s pray that the deep idolatry and the worship of hundreds of idols under the guise of Shintoism, Buddhism, and allegiances to being “sons of the dragon” will be broken and thousands will turn to the Lord. My interpretation of this is that while God did not want people to perish, He is going to use this to “pierce” the darkness surrounding the Japanese people if we will cry out to God for them in the midst of this crisis … If we respond correctly, the darkness and the grip of idolatry of all forms that has blinded the eyes of so many in Japan will be broken off of them. The faithful believers in Jesus Christ will be strengthened as they are used for great harvest across Asia and the face of the earth.”

How does someone call themselves a “Christian”and then spout such idiocy and hatred for an entire country?
Cindy Jacobs is the definitive right-wingnut- religious-zealot, morally subversive, uptight bitch.

“Pastor” Chuck Pierce, on what he ALLEGES what God about Japan’s evil “spiritism”:

“There will be a shaking coming to Japan that will bring them to their knees. This shaking will change the industry of the nation. Japan has been built upon a fault line linked with a deep wounding from the past. This shaking will occur before the apostolic team that I am sending to Japan arrives. When they arrive, I will begin the healing of the fault line and release a new anointing for industries. I am sending you to the people group of that area and they will be humbled in the midst of their pride. Do not fear. I am causing the mountain to be brought down and the valleys to be brought up. I will create a leveling effect in Japan.”

Hmmm, so “God” told you six years ago that he would send a shaking on Japan, and you said nothing?
Is there a chance that this fool could be imprisoned fro aiding and abetting murder and destruction? I mean, he knew this would happen and yet he said nothing about it. But I guess that “his” god loves to send messages of death and destruction to people He knows won’t do anything to help.

Anti-gay, and governor wannabe and also-ran, Bob Vander Plaats, at an anti-marriage equality rally at the Iowa Capitol today:

“So let me suggest that the clue phone is ringing in the state of Iowa, and collectively we need to answer the phone and get a clue. You see if this opinion has never been codified into law, and if this opinion has never been executed by Culver or by Branstad, the question is this: what are we doing marrying couples of the same gender in the state of Iowa when it does not reflect the law of the land?”

The “clue phone”?
Here’s a clue, wingnut: you will never be elected governor of Iowa, or any other state because you are a hateful bigot.
As for the “law of the land” in Iowa, did you read your own state Constitution where it talks bout everyone being equal?
Guess you missed that part because you were too bust spouting hate.

 Jennifer Lopez, on coming out, being out, and Ricky Martin:

“It’s OK to be out. I do think it is. I do think it’s acceptable for people to be who they are. I am a huge advocate of that. In that sense, that’s the only way we can truly love ourselves, it’s by accepting who we are and letting everybody know who we are. So, I’m very proud – you know – I’m friends with Ricky [Martin] and I’m very proud of him and support him in everything he does. And all these people who have been… who want to step forward and tell the world who they are… I think that’s awesome.”

I’ll be playing the role of cynic:
This is all well and good Jello, er, but where was your pro-gay speech when Ricky Martin came out? Where was your huge ass, er, advocacy then?
It seems you only speak as a Friend Of The Gays now that you have a new TV show and album to promote.
That’s right.

First-term GOP Congressman, and kind-of-hottie, Michael Grimm, on what the GOP needs to do:

“The extreme wing of the Republican Party is making a big mistake with their flat-out opposition to a short-term continuing resolution. I know that there is some opposition to working with Senate Democrats from the extreme right of the Tea Party who would rather see a government shutdown than pass a short-term solution; however, as long as we continue to cut spending each time, we are keeping our promise to the American people to reduce the deficit and fix the economy.”
What’s this?
Someone in the GOP with the good sense god gave a goat?
Someone in the GOP who understands that divisiveness won’t get us anywhere?
Mr. Grimm, are you sure you’re a Republican?
Manhattan Declaration author Chuck Colson, on Lady Gaga and “Born This Way”: 
“Do people choose to be gay, or are they born that way? Here’s a tip: Don’t turn to Lady Gaga for an answer. For the Christian, thinking in terms of dichotomies such as ‘nature versus nurture’ and ‘genetics versus free will’ is the real problem. For us, it’s not either-or. Who we are cannot be reduced to any one thing. For instance, Christianity teaches that biology and the rest of creation has a great deal to teach us about how we should live. This is part of what we mean by “natural law. But saying that biology is somehow normative is not the same thing as saying that is determinative. We are free to choose how we behave, both for good and for ill. We are not ‘slaves to our biology’ unless we choose to make ourselves so by believing it to be the case. To say we are is beneath our dignity as humans made in the image of God, not to mention a denial of the power of God to transform us.”

Wow, between saying God is trying to destroy Japan because they, I dunno, worship dragons or something, a lot of these religious wingnuts are still going after Gaga because she wrote a song about being “born this way.”
Something psychiatrists and psychologists have been saying for years.
But people like Colson won’t get that; for them it’s easier to discriminate and hate, than understand and accept.

Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services, on Equal Employment Opportunity [EEO]: 

“I am equally committed to the full and meaningful implementation of Equal Employment Opportunity policies for all HHS employees and applicants. My goal is to create an environment within HHS, free of discrimination, where all employees may work without fear of reprisal or discriminatory harassment; where qualified employees and applicants with disabilities receive reasonable accommodations; and where all employees are recognized for their individual performance and contributions to HHS, without regard to race, national origin, color, age, religion, sex (including pregnancy and gender identity), sexual orientation, disability (physical or mental), status as a parent, genetic information, or other non-merit factor. I fully expect all employees and supervisors to adopt these goals. With your support and participation, we can ensure workforce diversity and equal opportunity are two of our greatest strengths.”

Now, Ms. Sebelius, get that done, then decide to run for president. you have the sensibilities and the understanding of what is right and moral for all people.

Herman Cain, on our first Black president:

“Now people are over this first black President thing. But there are some people who will say, ‘I’m not going to vote for another black guy because this one didn’t work out. And my response is, ‘Well, what about those 43 white guys you put in there? How did they work out? Don’t condemn me because the first black one was bad.”
You know, during the last presidential election, I supported Hilary Clinton, and then after the convention I supported Obama.
And when people asked me how and why, I mean, a woman, and a, um, black guy, I would always respond with: “Well, the white guys have been fucking up this country for the last two hundred years, let’s see if a woman, or an African-American can do a better job.”

No, Donnie, what’s strange is that you’ll do anything, say anything, to appease the minions to get a nomination.



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3 responses to “>I Didn’t Say It……

  1. >Who the hell remembers anyone from kindergarten??? Especially if you move schools. If you grow up with the same kids then you might 'remember' but he moved at age 6. I moved at age 9 and don't remember hardly any kids from 1-3 (no kgarten in Canada at the time).

  2. >I remember a handful of kids from kindergarten and I choose not to reach out to them because most of them became bullies when they got older.I love what Grimm has to say but I wonder what his constituents will think with this kind of "crazy talk". The GOP lately likes to cannibalize their moderates.

  3. Joy

    >You keep showcasing more and more people I'd recommend for a retroactive abortion.

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