>I Love This Guy!




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6 responses to “>I Love This Guy!

  1. >I saw that! I love this guy too! Dude has balls which is nice to see these days, no?

  2. >F*cking brilliant. Maybe Seasame Street can do an episode about going to the unemployment line before they go off the air.

  3. >One of my favorite new clips, and I adore this man. Have you seen the clip of Hannity interviewing him and Bachmann? It's a lot of fun.I just had a major feeling of déjà vu. Did I type this comment before?

  4. >Anthony Weiner is awesome. Too bad Alan Grayson isn't still in office. Can you imagine the fun these two would have with this if they were together?

  5. Joy

    >Excellent! Love it!

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