>Caturday….With A Small Dose Of Dog[?]urday


Tuxedo and Max Goldberg like to sneak off for a ‘nap’.
Yeah, that’s it……nap.

My two handsome men!
Consuelo Roca Jones.
Hey, if she doesn’t know I’m taking her picture,
I don’t get the stink eye!

And speaking of stink eye, Tallulah was giving it
when I caught her playing with Consuelo’s toy.

And Ozzo, poor Ozzo.
He begged not to be included on Caturday.


Filed under Cats, Dogs, MaxGoldberg, Ozzo, Pets, Tallulah Belle

6 responses to “>Caturday….With A Small Dose Of Dog[?]urday

  1. >Abby and Tar say we remain united against Caturday!

  2. >I bet Ozzo feels like my Dad did…one lone guy in a houseful of women. Not that he complained!

  3. >Poor Ozzo. Now reduced to being grouped in with cats. Buster Bolfig says he is sending help!

  4. Sam

    >Ozzo! You are so cute!

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