>Architecture Wednesday: One Bedroom Loft

>In large cities, space is often at a premium, so, well, smaller is better, and sometimes cheaper. Case in point, this one bedroom loft. It’s tiny, to be sure, but functional, and with a sense of flair.

A small, well, let’s call it ‘intimate,’ living room.

A fully functional kitchen.
The Grand Staircase……

…to the spacious Master Suite.
A slate-tiled shower…….

…..and double sinks!

It is also built inside a grain bin from the 1940s…..

…and has a spacious front porch.

Of course the large city to which one would have to move to in order to own, yes, own, this piece of architectural magic, is Gruene Homestead Inn in New Braunfels , Texas.
Farm living is the life for me!

source: My Sister



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8 responses to “>Architecture Wednesday: One Bedroom Loft

  1. >Ha! I like what you did there.

  2. >So when can I move in? m.

  3. >How does it sound when it rains? How about a hard rain? What about hailstorm? Yikes!Other than that, it's a great idea.

  4. >I totally believed it!!!

  5. Joy

    >It's cute. I have a metal roof on my house and like the sound when it rains.

  6. >Darling, I love New Braunfels. Pretty and green and tiny, it's just outside Austin and has two beautiful rivers running through it. Holing up in a silo there would just make it better.

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