>Overheard At Home……


This afternoon, after putting in a new cobblestone walkway, Carlos and I were having a rousing discussion about…………………………………………………..typewriters.

Carlos: I remember my old typewrite. but I always wanted one of those IBM ones that had the little ball that sped through the typing…..tickety tickety tickety tick tick tick.
Bob: Oh, yeah, we had one of those.
Carlos: Oh, you must have been privileged.
Bob: No, we were white.

I have been watching a little too much Lisa Lampanelli, and will, no doubt, be punished.



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9 responses to “>Overheard At Home……

  1. >But like Lisa, funny none the less…

  2. >Typewriters? My mom had an IBM Selectric II. Pretty cool but you could never find out how to get the little balls with other typefaces on them. A little later I got an SCM dot matric printer. Much better because that had a computer behind it on which I had written a rudimentary word processor in machine language.

  3. >Yea, but I bet your car couldn't jump up and down at red lights like HIS family's could!Couldn't resist. Save me a seat in the handbasket!

  4. Joy

    >Funny! Dangerous but funny. WV is fan it … good advice for you! LOL

  5. >Thank you for sharing valuable information. Where else could anyone get that kind of information in such a complete way of writing

  6. >I bet he's really good at drywall too.Add me to the list.

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