>Just a Thought: Sean Duffy Needs To Be Voted Out Of Office


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Boy, Wisconsin, you sure can pick ’em.

Your governor is in the pocket of big business, AKA the Koch boys, and now you have a state senator who complains about his salary, even though his salary is three times the median salary for folks in Wisconsin; not to mention all the benefits to which he is entitled as a member of the government.

See, at a town hall meeting in Polk County, Wisconsin earlier this year, Republican, of course, and wingnut, Representative Sean Duffy was asked whether he’d vote to cut his $174,000 annual salary. 

He sort of bobbed and weaved around the issue, and then he came right out and said it, that $174,000 really isn’t that much for his family of seven to live on. After whining a bit about how hard he has it, he then had the balls to say he supports cutting compensation for all public employees.

Asshat say what?

The good news is that the whole thing was caught on tape [you can see it at Talking Points Memo] and subsequently posted on the Polk County GOP’s blog, alongside other clips from the town hall. But then Duffy’s clip was mysteriously removed from the blog, and was even removed from the Internet by the Polk County GOP because, as an official explained, the YouTube clip “was being republished without our consent.”

Was that the real reason, or was it that Duffy comes off sounding like a pampered and spoiled GOP’er?

Let’s take a look at what Sean Duffy said:

“I can guarantee you, or most of you, I guarantee that I have more debt than all of you. With 6 kids, I still pay off my student loans. I still pay my mortgage. I drive a used minivan. If you think I’m living high on the hog, I’ve got one paycheck. So I struggle to meet my bills right now. Would it be easier for me if I get more paychecks? Maybe, but at this point I’m not living high on the hog.”

Now, let’s take it apart.

  • Sean Duffy says he has more debt than anyone else. M’kay, but who’s fault is that, Sean.
  • Sean Duffy complains about having to raise six kids because of the expense. M’kay, but who’s fault is that Sean?
  • Sean Duffy has to pay off his student loans and his mortgage. M’kay, but are you the only person doing that in Wisconsin. Sean?
  • Sean Duffy drives a used car. My heart is breaking. Except for the fact that, as soon as you drive any car off a car dealer’s lot, it becomes a used car, so we’re all driving used cars, Sean.
  • Sean Duffy got just the one paycheck. Paid for by his constituents who, most of them, make about a third of what he makes, and pay off their bills and raise their kids and drive used cars.
  • Sean Duffy says he’s not living “high on the hog,” and maybe he right about that, but he is living higher on the hog than the majority of the people he represents, and higher on the hog than the people whose salaries he wants to cut.

What’s good for the goose, Sean, is good for you, too.

And, so Wisconsin, come election time when you vote Scott Walker out of office, have him hitch a ride home with Sean Duffy in his sued mini-van, because you’ve also told Sean Duffy where to go.
Talking Points Memo



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3 responses to “>Just a Thought: Sean Duffy Needs To Be Voted Out Of Office

  1. Dan

    >I hate all of them at this point. They give themselves cost of living increases almost every damn year as well.Our new mayor is floating an idea of taking us from 50 alderman to 25 and you could hear the collective gasp through out the city. It would save us millions of dollars not to pay these people who nothing. I am all for it.

  2. >And I use to have a crush on him

  3. >I called his office in Wisconsin.I asked his secretary if he was aware that most families these days have 2 incomes, so perhaps Mrs. Duffy could go get a job.Then that way, they'd be more like "REAL AMERICAN" households, and not the pampered whiny pusses they are, "struggling" on $174,000…nearly 3 times the average family income in Wisconsin.I also asked if he had heard of condoms. She replied she didn't think that was a very nice question. I asked her why not, since one of the favourite Repiglican talking points to those on welfare is that if they can't afford the kids, they shouldn't be having them.Finally, I asked for his office addresses, in both Washington and Wisconsin, so I could knit him a pair of socks and send him a package of condoms…..to try to make things a little easier on the poor whiner.Tee hee…..it was a fun phone call. I'll be keeping my eye on this loser.;-)

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