>Just For Giggles: Angry Bird

>This is just one of the reasons I stay out of the woods. This, and that whole trekking to Grandma’s house and having a wolf follow me…..

Telegraph reader Gerard Girling snapped this picture, and says: 
“Angry Birds are all the rage at the moment–but I have never seen one so furious as this tiny female Blue-grey Gnatcatcher…At around 6.5g [0.23oz] she thought nothing of challenging me to a fight when I stumbled into her territory in Turks and Caicos. After I snapped the picture I made a tactical retreat and live to fight another day.”

Wise move, Gerry.




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5 responses to “>Just For Giggles: Angry Bird

  1. >Do.Not.Mess.With.The.Bird!

  2. >Ain't it cute??? I could grab it and squeeze it until its eyes popped out.

  3. >Don't get me started on birds…one got in my house a couple of weeks ago. That thing was vicious. :)'

  4. >Slowly stepping away from the bird…

  5. >So angry indeed! It's like someone stole it's food. 😀Buy WoW Accounts

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