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The Holman House sits precariously on the edge of a cliff some 230 feet above the Pacific Ocean in Dover Heights, Australia.

It certainly is an eyecatcher, and the perfect palce to watch the sunrises and sunsets.
The single-family house boasts a thoroughly contemporary open floor plan that maximizes traffic flow across two levels. A series of rooms line up along one side of the house on the first floor while the second story includes an expansive living area that juts out toward the ocean.

The architecture fim of Durbach Block Architects spent more than half a year meeting with their clients about the shape and framework for the house. The result is a curvilinear structure on the upper level that is supported by stilts and which now houses the spacious living area. There’s also a covered veranda on the first floor, which adds to the home’s indoor-outdoor atmosphere

Comprised of numerous glass walls, sleek polished wood floors, and rough-hewn stone the house is a modern contrast of materials and textures.

Making use of its landscape, the home seamlessly settles into the hillside terrain. The Durbach Block team even replanted the various plant species that originally grew on the cliff all around the property.

Surrounded by breathtaking views of the sky and water, it’s literally like living in the ocean, and I can think of few things as awe-inspiring.

source Dream Home



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3 responses to “>Architecture Wednesday

  1. Jim

    >Very interesting pictures of the architecture.BTW, congrats Bob on surpassing 200 followers to your blog site.

  2. >That is one stunning home to not only look at, but the views!

  3. >Bob, I love the look, but I think I'd be afraid to live in the thing. I like the idea of living on the edge, just not that close to the edge.

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