>I Loves Me Some Follow Through


After posting “Just a Thought: Sean Duffy Needs To Be Voted Out Of Office”, and offering Mr Duffy some words of advice, and maybe some suggestions, loyal ISBL reader Amanda B. Rekendwith–get it?–had this to say:

I called his office in Wisconsin.

I asked his secretary if he was aware that most families these days have 2 incomes, so perhaps Mrs. Duffy could go get a job.

Then that way, they’d be more like “REAL AMERICAN” households, and not the pampered whiny pusses they are, “struggling” on $174,000…nearly 3 times the average family income in Wisconsin.

I also asked if he had heard of condoms. She replied she didn’t think that was a very nice question. I asked her why not, since one of the favourite Repiglican talking points to those on welfare is that if they can’t afford the kids, they shouldn’t be having them.

Finally, I asked for his office addresses, in both Washington and Wisconsin, so I could knit him a pair of socks and send him a package of condoms…..to try to make things a little easier on the poor whiner.

Tee hee…..it was a fun phone call. I’ll be keeping my eye on this loser. 😉

Thanks Miss Amanda, that’s what I call following through!



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4 responses to “>I Loves Me Some Follow Through

  1. >That's great! I am laughing. We need more of these in your face confrontations between reality and these outerlimits /twilight zone Republicans!And while we're at it, send them an article to read.http://www.vanityfair.com/society/features/2011/05/top-one-percent-201105They really have no clue whatsoever!

  2. >Awesome! I think I have an Ohio politician to call…

  3. >That is hilarious! That jerk deserved it.

  4. >Thank you Bob. What a thrill to check in on ISBL and find my own words!!Sometimes I feel like I'm just howling in the wind, but it's wonderful to get encouragement like this.Keep up with the great blog. You help to keep my indignation at the state of politics today running at a full boil.We SHALL overcome!

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