>Architecture Wednesday


Carlos and I like small houses, but somehow we ended up in Smallville with a house that’s nearly twice as big as our house in Miami.
And sometimes I miss the smaller house.
The Miami house was less to clean and maintain. And it was easier for me to yell from the backroom and have Carlos here me.
I’ve often wondered about downsizing, after our brief period of upsizing, and then I saw this:
It’s a small [read: tiny….hell, microscopic] wooden house in California.

It’s tiny but very cozy and traditional. White walls and natural wood is one of the most traditional combinations.

A fireplace and a library.

The kitchen is retro, and wee.

This house belongs to a woman who is both a hermit and strongly religious. It does have that monastery, or nunnery, sterility, but, with it’s calm interior it does seem very peaceful.

In this house I wouldn’t have to yell at Carlos from the backroom. i could probably just reach out and poke him.

source: DigsDigs



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4 responses to “>Architecture Wednesday

  1. >That house looks really idyllic, though perhaps better for a single person (like me!). But if one doesn't mind one's other half living inside one's personal space, fine. If we had such houses here I'd love to take over one, though in a case like this it would have to be 'exorcised' first! 😉

  2. >That would be perhaps smaller than any of the apartments we'd have here. For some reason, as soon as you said California, the first thought that came into my head was that Eddie Izzard quote, "We just long for a bungalow."

  3. >This is cute! But I have an aversion to the woods…unless there is a shopping mall in close proximity.

  4. >What a wonderful place to clear your head. White walls, natural woods, no traffic outside, no phone, no internet, nothing. Just a fireplace, books and a pot of tea. Everyone should spend at least one week in this house. Maybe some of us would finally awaken to a fantastic world of silence and heavenly peace.

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