>The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Gives Brewer A Smackdown

>Ah, this just warms my heart.

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has turned a request by Arizona Governor Jan “Eva Braun” Brewer, who had asked to lift an injunction imposed in 2010 by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton. The  Court ruled that Bolton did not abuse her authority when she blocked provisions of the Arizona law that targeted illegal immigration.

One of the provisions of Brewer’s racist and discriminatory law was the requirement that local police officers check the immigration status of anyone they detain during any investigation for any reason. Brewer came up with her racist, anti-Hispanic law after Arizona officials argued that they needed their own law to deal with the growing problem of unauthorized immigration from Mexico, even though enforcement of illegal immigration policies comes under the federal government.

The racist law intsantly sparked boycotts and protests across the country as immigration activists argued that Arizona was trying to usurp the federal government to define, and defy, immigration rules. These activists rightly saw the proposed law for waht it was: an unconstitutional act that would lead to profiling and the harassment of Latinos, or of anyone who even looked Latino.

In her action, Bolton blocked the requirement that authorities examine the immigration status of anyone they chose to detain. She also blocked the provision requiring immigrants to carry identification papers, and blocked the provision that made it illegal for people to seek work in public places without proper documents.

Brewer was also caught telling, um, lies about illegals, mostly Mexicans, by telling untruths about headless bodies of good god-fearing Americans found in the deserts along the border, obviously the victims of Mexican illegals.

Except that the stories weren’t true, and Jan Brewer knew it. Like I said, this court-sanctioned smackdown of this racist governmor warms my heart.

source: LA Times


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