>Bret Easton Ellis Can Suck It, Too


Oh, you stepped in something else, asshat.
You’d think an author would think twice before publishing his little tirades 
of homophobia. You’d think a human being wouldn’t find making a joke out
of HIV  to be a ‘novel’ thing to do. You’d think Bret Easton Ellis wasn’t some
has-been hack looking for a little more attention.
He and Kobe should do their “I’m A Dick And I’m Sorry” Tour together.


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6 responses to “>Bret Easton Ellis Can Suck It, Too

  1. >What I don't understand is that Bret is gay or at least bi. I think he's admitted it so why the hell would he be saying crap like that?

  2. >Do you have any idea who this guy is? I've never heard of him.

  3. >True story. I had the displeasure of sitting next to Bret and Jay McInerney in a bar in NYC during their coked up heyday. The shit that was flying out of their mouths was so outrageous and heinous that I wrote it on my bar napkin as I shared astonished looks with my friend.So this is no surprise. Pig.

  4. >Cubby, Bret is a writer. He wrote Less than Zero and American Psycho. He is also gay

  5. >That's some self-loathing shit right there. Ellis has never had the guts to say he is gay – he admitted to being bi, but the fucker is gay (I'm pretty sure he has a live-in boyfriend).Asshole.

  6. >Harold from "Boys in the Band" said it best: "Who IS she? Who WAS she? Who does she hope to become?";-)

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