>The Music In My Mind

>For over a week now this song has been in my head.
From the moment I wake up, until the time I go to sleep.

But then somehow, it morphed into this tune.
Do not ask me how.

And all of this had me thinking I must be crazy.
Which, naturally, started this…..



Filed under Bob, Music, Patsy Cline, The King and I, Vicki Sue Robinson, YouTube

7 responses to “>The Music In My Mind

  1. >Oh I am sure my dear Bob wants to be in the arms of the King of Siam wearing that lamp shade of a dress…… boo hoohCarlito

  2. >LOL i love your progession of songs! Crazy? You? NEVER! I had the tune from the tv show Duck Tales in my head, and the only thing that cured it was to go and rent a volume, watched 10 episodes, and poof! song be gone!

  3. >I just played Vicki today

  4. >I love that scene from the King and I – but I'm glad you posted this to demonstrate that I'm not the only one who has such unique mental music progressions.

  5. >I guess I need to add "The King and I" to my list of movies to watch

  6. >Patsy Kline could kick every country bitch's ass, still!

  7. >Well Bob, at least no one could ever say you have bad taste in music.

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