>We Don’t Pay No Stinking Taxes

>from MoveOn:
So, on April 15, or maybe April 18, since we had a little holiday in there, Americans, most Americans, paid their, ahem, fair share of taxes.
Well, not really. Some Americans, or American corporations, thanks to corporate tax cuts and loopholes, paid little or no taxes.
Seriously. Take a look: 


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8 responses to “>We Don’t Pay No Stinking Taxes

  1. >Off with their heads! Let them eat cake! Something like that. We need to come up with better slogans.Though to be fair only 55% of Americans paid federal income tax. Not that folks don't get taxed in other ways – just not the federal bit.

  2. >I suspected this but hadn't seen it documented anywhere before. It's shameful that the Republicans keep going around telling people that corporations are taxed at 35%, the highest in the world, when in fact they are paying barely anything. Shameful and disgusting.

  3. Joy

    >This infuriates me! Picking on teachers and other public employees while not touching those big tax cuts is criminal.

  4. >time to knock them down

  5. >& the working class struggles to make ends meet…

  6. >Sadly, it's our fault for accepting it as an every day occurance that we can't change. Left to our own demise, we will do just that.

  7. >I love Bernie! Wish he would gain more support and favor!

  8. >As Stan said we love Bernie! We had such a good time when we got this from MoveOn.

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