>Oh South Carolina, Look What You’ve Done…..

>In the interests of fairness, I actually know one of these wingnuts. Well, ‘know’ may be a bit strong. I’ve spoken to him, once, way back in the fall of 2008, just before the election. He was sitting in a bar ranting about Obama and how much he didn’t like him, and I thought, “Okay, he’s a Republican asshat.”

Then he added to his diatribe when he said, out loud, for all to hear, “If Obama gets elected there’ll be no living with those people. You know they’ll be dancing in the streets because they love to dance.”

To which I replied, “Oooooh, me too!”


Now, I don’t want to point him out, but let’s just say he wants to vote for Duh-Duh-Donald Trump.

Also, watch as Bachmann spouts her drivel, and the American flag tips over and all those patriots rush to pick it up off the ground….not. Even Bachmann pays no attention to Old Glory hittin’ the pavement.

Last, but not least, the guy who says we spend too much money on edu-mah-cation. Did he not listen to a single one of these illiterate fucktards? So, without further ado, I give you the Teabaggers, mouths filled to the rim with Donald Trump’s hairy balls, of South Carolina:


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6 responses to “>Oh South Carolina, Look What You’ve Done…..

  1. >Don't mind if the meek inherit the Earth- just as long as it ain't any of these people.

  2. >I have seen the video. It is scary to see what they think about and just how bigoted they are. Urbandon, those people aren't meek, and they won't be inheriting the Earth. If those people get their way, there will be no Earth to inherit.

  3. Sam

    >See and talk to people like this everyday out here on the road. The truckstops are full of crazys.

  4. >Ditto what my husband said. Insanity in visual form.

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