>Quinn Matley Is A Liar…The Worst Kind


I’m sure you all read the story of Quinn Matley, who said he was burned on his hand by a hot piece of metal, simply because he’s gay. A hate crime, no? No, it seems that the story isn’t true, and now Quinn Matley has been charged by police in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, for filing a false police report.

This disgusts me.

How many gay men and women, and men and women simply assumed to be gay, have been attacked, beaten, and killed? And how many wingnut politicians say we don’t need Hate Crimes legislation? How many people call it ‘special rights’ because every crime is a hate crime?

And then we have this young gay man, making up a story about being attacked; about a hate crime; about being persecuted for his sexual orientation. When people like Quinn Matley make up stories about being attacked for being gay, they diminish the attacks on every other man or woman who was brutalized for being gay, or being assumed to be gay.

Hey Quinn Matley? Think about Joshua Esskew [HERE] who had a beer bottle thrown at his head, and was beaten by eight strangers.

Hey Quinn Matley? Think about that nameless couple in North Carolina who had their house set on fire [HERE].

Hey Quinn Matley? Think about the victims of a gay bashing too terrified to have their names released [HERE].

Hey Quinn Matley? Think about Matthew Shepard [HERE] beaten and murdered for being gay.

Hey Quinn Matley? Think about José Sucuzhañay, who, in fact wasn’t gay, just assumed to be gay [HERE].

Hey Quinn Matley? Think about Kieran Daly [HERE] who was beaten by two marines on the streets of Savannah.

I could go on and on but it hurts too much. Go on up to the top of the page and type in ‘hate crime’ and click search. You’ll see.

I hope Quinn Matley gets punished to the fullest extent of the law. i hope he gets some jail time, or, failing that, expelled from school. And and I hope he spends a great deal of time thinking about the men and women who have been attacked for being gay, and wondering just what they think of him now,.

Because I’m sure that those men and women, like me, don’t think very much of Quinn Matley at all.



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2 responses to “>Quinn Matley Is A Liar…The Worst Kind

  1. >I hadn't heard about this. But you';re right, of course. He's a loser for even thinking that he should fake something so serious. It diminishes everyone who really had to suffer mentally and physically at the hands of oppressors who hate.

  2. >As Stan said this diminishes all of us. It mocks and belittles our suffering and our struggles. What a horrible mark to leave on GLBTQ culture.

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