>Ladies and Gentlemen…………..Cher




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6 responses to “>Ladies and Gentlemen…………..Cher

  1. >Haha, yes, I posted this on Facebook! As I said there, you just know he won't be able to hold his tongue, and he'll start some sort of feud with Cher. Bring it on! He's as vindictive as Palin is. Ugh.

  2. >Why would anyone listen to Donald Trump anyway? He's been annoying ego maniac ever since I can recall. I actually like all his crazy-talk. I'd like to think it makes more reasonable people think twice. Let him verbalize all these crazy things. It makes him seem more in line with people like Palin, Bachman and Gingrich. None of whom can carry a national election.

  3. >I agree with Cher… Are these real twitter posts>?

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