>God Is Love, Two: Central United Methodist Church


The good folks at Central United Methodist Church, in Toledo, Ohio, are starting a new campaign. It’s a simple one, really, with a simple message they’ve displayed on an electronic billboard. It is intended to be a gift to those who have experienced hurt and discrimination because of their real or perceived sexual orientation. The Church seeks nothing less than the healing of the world, and Central UMC wants to offer words and acts of healing to those hurt and marginalized.

Their message:

Declaring that being gay is a gift from God is a prophetic call to the Church to get out of the business of marginalizing gay and lesbian persons from the Church, and to welcome them as full members. The purpose of this campaign is 1) to offer welcome to all persons who are gay; 2) to challenge the larger Church to fully accept persons who are gay into the life of the Church; and 3) to call on all people to bring all the gifts of who they are to God.
God is happy about this, because she’s tired of all the bull shiz.




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2 responses to “>God Is Love, Two: Central United Methodist Church

  1. Joy

    >I grew up in the Methodist Church, and most of my extended family still goes there. I expect that from them.

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