>30% Of Republicans Are Brain Dead

>The man has produced his birth certificate TWICE, yet 30% of Republicans still think Barack Obama was not born in this country. 

And, on a similar note, 30% of Republicans apparently think Hawaii is not an actual US state.

This new poll, which also shows that 16% of all Americans are as brain dead as that 30% of Republicans, was conducted the week of April 29 to May 2, AFTER Obama released the birth certificate AGAIN and addressed the news media on the topic.

Other groups who are not using their brains, are Conservatives, 34% of whom believe Obama is not an American citizen, and those without a college degree…DUH…21% of whom are clinically moronic.

Seriously, people, the man has shown his birth certificate twice now and yet you still don’t buy it? That leads to just one conclusion, well, maybe two. 

You’re all a bunch of idiots, or you’re a bunch of racists.

Which is it?

Poll Source


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4 responses to “>30% Of Republicans Are Brain Dead

  1. >I'm surprised it's such a low number. LOLPlus about the same percentage still believes he is Muslim

  2. >I think they are a bunch of racist idiots aka GOP

  3. >Obama: I was born in Hawaii.GOP: But you're black.Obama: I proved I'm American-born twice.GOP: But you're black.Obama: I saved the world from economic collapse.GOP: But you're black.Obama: I killed bin Laden.GOP: But you're black, and stop calling us racists.

  4. >More than likely both…

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