>Thank You, Sir


“Dogald Trump”
On a recent episode of his “reality” show, Celebrity Apprentice, Donald Trump made note of how well Meat Loaf cleans up, by saying:
“You know I’m not a gay man. I think gayness is wonderful, frankly, but I’m not a gay man.”
 And to that, I say:
“Thank you, sir. The LGBT community thanks you for not being a gay man. We have enough problems without having to explain you.”


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6 responses to “>Thank You, Sir

  1. >I'm just thankful I'll never have to worry about him buying me a drink.

  2. >If he's not gay, why was he married to a drag queen? Ivana was just a phase?

  3. >Love your post! But what an insult to that poor, adorable dog.

  4. >Hell, we knew he wasn't gay. No gay man would ever have that hair

  5. Joy

    >Many reasons we know he isn't gay.

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