>Music For The Melancholy

>So, after my weekend of highs and lows, and thoughts and remembrances, I thought of several songs that hit me in my heart and thought I’d share them with you all.

Two very good friends of mine had this song sung to them on their wedding day, and I thought it an odd choice because I never really knew the words. Now, it makes perfect sense to me.

And this one, well, this one I think about when ever I think about those people I’ve loved who are no longer here.

This song, also from Camelot, I remember hearing at a Gay pride Festival show in Key West. Two women were singing it to one another, and it made me realize that for far too long gay men and women had to love one another in silence. Thankfully those days are fast disappearing.

I used to think of this song, after I’d met Carlos but we were still living 3,000 miles apart. It almost made things better.

Audra McDonald sings like an angel, and this song reminds me that it isn’t “things'” that matter.

And lastly, this one needs no explanation…..



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3 responses to “>Music For The Melancholy

  1. >What wonderful songs you have chosen.Each and every one fits exactly.

  2. >Audra McDonald is everything

  3. >Would you believe I have Strange Fruit on vinyl? I love the song and Billie so!

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