>Architecture Wednesday: Church!


Some folks say a man’s home is his castle, and for a queen like me that seems about right. But what happens when your home is, or at least was, a church?
from Dornob:

And a church in San Francisco, with gorgeous views of a neighboring park. The house, yes, it’s now a house, is on the market for a cool $7.5 million–which is a steal since it has just been discounted from the original asking price of $10 million.

Anyone got that kind of scratch?

This century-old Gothic Revival in The City By The Bay–my old stomping grounds–comes in at just about 17,000 square feet. And it has been meticulously retrofitted and renovated by commercial-developer-and-owner Siamak Akhavan.

Since buying the church five years ago, Akhavan has overhauled everything from the exterior facades [patching leaks, cleaning and rebuilding as needed] to the interior rooms [outfitting it with modern appliances, revamped floors, new stained glass windows and seismic reinforcements].

After all his work, Akhavan had a little space left over, so he added a six-car garage.
Marble bathrooms, gorgeous hardwood floors, trim and decor throughout, ceiling heights most of us can merely dream of……

Or pray for.



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9 responses to “>Architecture Wednesday: Church!

  1. >As my mother once commented while touring an old Vanderbilt home in Newport, RI, "Too much to dust…"

  2. >How do you heat the joint? You'd need a walk-in fireplace in every room.

  3. Joy

    >Wow! Gorgeous! Friends bought the small country church I used to attend and turned it into such a neat home.

  4. >I would and could absolutely live here! That is stunning and love the spread out! And that bathroom? OMG! Theonly problem is when I'm doing the dirty, would God be watching?

  5. >One doesn't think about heating or dusting when one sees such fabulousness. One thinks: "Where in the hell can I find a bank with lax security to rob so I can buy this biatch??"Dear Sweet Baby Jeebus: This used to be one of your Dad's houses. Ya think maybe you could work on getting me a good deal from the current owner?? I got about $300 bucks to spend…Kthxbai. Amen.XOXOXOXO

  6. >I'm just bidding my time. I know at some point the Catholic Diocese here will have to hock a few church buildings to satisfy judgments against them. That's when I'll snap one up and turn it into a gay bath house.

  7. >That is AWESOME! Praise the Lord! (But still a little creepy)

  8. >Okay, I officially have house lust.

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