>"Where Are My Teabaggers?"


You know, it was only about five minutes ago–in politics-time–that Donald Trump was running around, shootin’ off his mouth about birth certificates, making semi-racist remarks about the president, and questioning Obama’s intelligence.

But, um, something strange happened on the way to the 2012 Presidential Race. Donald Trump has fallen down and it doesn’t look like he’ll get up.

Last month, he was leading the polls among potential-not-yet-announced-though-they-had-formed-exploratory-committees-to-test-the-waters-and-see-if-they-should-decide-to-run, Donald Trump was the leader of the pack, with some 26% of Republicans thinking him the best man for the job. Now, just four weeks later, Trump scrapes the bottom of the Tea Pot with a measly 8%, tying him for fifth place with Ron Paul.

Now, is it because Obama showed the birth certificate again? Not so much. Is it because Trump called Obama weak on defense and anti-terrorism until Obama gave the order to take down Osama bin Laden? Not really.

What changed is that even Republicans just don’t like Donald Trump. Only 34% of GOP voters have a favorable opinion of Trump, while a majority 53% view him in a negative light. Go figure.

Hey Donald, don’t let the gold-plated door hit you in the toupee on your way out.




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3 responses to “>"Where Are My Teabaggers?"

  1. >Tied with Ron Paul? I gotta feel sorry for Ron Paul!

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