>There are places in our house where cats are allowed to be….on the bed….on the couch in the sunroom….on the couch in the living room….on a kitchen table chair. There are not allowed on living room chairs…or dining room chairs…..or counters.
Tuxedo, however, because he’s so delicious, gets away with murder. He is allowed on the bathroom counter, because he enjoys a sip of water from the faucet…..he’s allowed on one of the living room chairs….if he’s in my lap. And now, apparently, he has granted himself access to a dining room chair. There he is, peeking at me when I asked if he was hungry.

And here is is, doing his Gargoyle impression from atop a living room chair. He doesn’t use his front paws to hold on because he’s been declawed….DO NOT DO THAT….so he looks like he’s just hanging around.
He just looks so darned cute, that I looked the other way and ignored his infractions. luckily for us both, his Latino Daddy wasn’t home.


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7 responses to “>Caturday

  1. >The Engineer has decided the sofa is off limits to the puppies. Of course… The Engineer isn't always home. Interestingly it is only Tar Duuude who gets up on the sofa.

  2. >My Ricky is doing his gargoyle imitation as we speak. That's his spot on the sofa whenever I'm lying down on that side.

  3. >I always love your cat post! It's it funny to watch our little beasts take more liberties over time and get away with murder.

  4. >That sounds incredibly like us. We start with the strictest rules. Then, very quickly, soften more and more and more. Why is it that our companion animals look their absolute cutest when sleeping soundly in places where they are not supposed to be? It's frightening just how cute they look in those places. And before you know it, there are no places were they are not supposed to be.I think it's all part of a mass plot…

  5. >Oscar and Dusty aren't allowed on the kitchen counters and on the dining room table. That's it. They are free to hang out anywhere else in the entire apartment.But I STILL have to chase them off the dining room table almost every day.XOXOXOXO

  6. >I'm not against declawing IF you can do it when they are VERY, VERY young and you are willing to commit to care for that (now defensless) cat for the rest of it's life! And that means being VIGILENT to ensure it can never go outside to "explore" accidentally.It makes them SO much easier to love when they are not little monsters of destruction! My vet and I had a long talk, and if done carefully, the pain and health risk is minimal. I spend a great deal of effort to keep Jackson and Shelby from meeting Nog face to face, because, as much as they are curious about their contry cousin, and he they, it would be an unfair match with his razor sharp weapons!

  7. >As my hubby said it is all part of a mass plot. Be afraid.

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