>He Won’t Run, And A Great Sigh Of Relief Was Heard Throughout The Land


Sorry. I know you all hate this
picture, but it shows the True
Huckster in all his glory.

Once considered a front runner for the GOP nomination for president, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has announced that he will not run for the office. And the scramble within the rest of the motley crew of GOP nominees begins.

Huckabee said, over the weekend: “All the factors say go, but my heart says no and that’s the decision I have made.” This, as I said on some other blogs, is Huckabee-speak for “I know I don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning so I won’t even try.”

And yet, even while stating he wouldn’t run, the Huckster talked about how he felt he could have won the nomination, and the office. He said his wife and children encouraged him to run. He said recent polls show that he could’a been a contendah. He said he could win voters outside the south. He said he could raise the money needed to run.

He could. He could. He could. He won’t.

“I had come to believe I would be in the race,” Huckabee said. “The external signs … point strongly toward running,” he said. “But only when I was alone, in quiet and reflective moments, did I have not only clarity but an inexplicable inner peace.”

I have inner peace, too, Mike, knowing I won’t have to listen to your bigoted, anti-gay, holier-than-thou rhetoric for the next 18 months.




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4 responses to “>He Won’t Run, And A Great Sigh Of Relief Was Heard Throughout The Land

  1. >Rather stunning that. "I could have saved the country from Obama, everybody wanted me to save them, but I'm not gonna cause I gots this lame show on Fox…" (stolen from Twitter) Don't mind me, just my usual grinchy anti-politician showing up alarmingly early. Next up The Hair supposedly to make an announcement today?

  2. >CNN just released a statement from Trump that he's decided not to run as well.

  3. >woot! 1 crazy down, plenty more to go.

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