>You Have Two Choices: It’s Wrong, Or It’s A Sin

>Well, it seems that the Presbyterian Church wants to allow openly gay and lesbian pastors to begin serving congregations around the country, but South Carolina congregations are, naturally, pissed off about it.

At a national assembly of Presbyterians last year, they voted to change the church constitution to removed wording that required celibacy and fidelity in marriage when considering church leaders. The proposed changes needed approval by a majority of the denomination’s 173 regional presbyteries and just last week a Minnesota presbytery cast the deciding 87th vote. The new policy now goes into effect in July.

Of course, because it’s South Carolina, all five of my state’s presbyteries voted against the change. Dr. Alan Arnold of the Trinity Presbytery, which oversees the majority of Midlands congregations, says that, while churches are now permitted to ordain homosexual clergy, local congregations retain control over that process and he does not expect to see any immediate major changes here.

Which means South Carolina can keep it’s homophobia in tact.

Still, more annoying than the idea that these “Christians” are such intolerant bigots, is what our local Fox News channel–Wach Fox 57–did with the story. As news channels often do, they offered up a poll for people to vote on whether or not they agreed with the Presbyterian church welcoming gay church leaders. But they didn’t phrase the question like that. It was like this:

Either way you look at it, it’s anti-gay , homophobic, bigoted intolerant nonsense. Thanks South Carolina, and Wach Fox 57, for keeping it real.
Real stupid.


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3 responses to “>You Have Two Choices: It’s Wrong, Or It’s A Sin

  1. >that survey is bs. what a joke

  2. >What a crock of nonsense that survey is.

  3. >So I'm not just irrationally paranoid when I happen to be in SC.

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