>Architecture Wednesday: Back To The Barn


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: converting old barns into homes is very cool. I love the rustic nature of the old building. The post-and-beam construction, That sense of history.
The smell.
I kid. There is no more barn smell.
But these folks took the idea of a barn conversion and turned it on it’s side.

The exterior was preserved exactly like the original barn–which was restored after a fire–but the inside has become a fully modernized home, sleek and contemporary. It looks more Soho loft than horse house.

The floors are a smooth concrete. The wooden walls are light floor, with a high white ceiling and white walls. It’s completely open, three full floors, and spaces are only separated into rooms as absolutely necessary to preserve a sense of scale.
This ain’t your granddaddies barn. Or the chickens and cows.



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4 responses to “>Architecture Wednesday: Back To The Barn

  1. >Stunning. So much for the admonishment, "What… Do you live in a barn?!?"

  2. >This is as close to rustic as I want to get.

  3. >I really could have used that much light this past winter. Maybe I'll gut our Dutch Colonial. If you took away the dormers, it would totally look like a barn.

  4. >Definitely adds a different meaning to the saying my mom always said when I left the door open…. "you live in a barn"… um… yea… I'd love to live in this one, mom!

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