>Just For Giggles




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6 responses to “>Just For Giggles

  1. >I totally love those glasses!

  2. >got to love that! hahaha

  3. >Right on! Ha! I would love to have told that chap behind him that I do in fact read the 'Hokey' – sorry, the 'HOLY' – Bible daily (taking it in turns with the equally contentious Koran). I'm actually currently on my 6th cover-to-cover reading of the Bible (and 8th of the other) – and they get more and more preposterous each time. In fact more than anything else they've made me realise that if there IS a God (which I doubt) it's certainly not his nor the Bible's/Koran's versions of one. Now can I have a turn with that poster, that wig and those glasses, please?

  4. >She has it going on! Tell it to us!

  5. Joy

    >Where is the "like" button?

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