>Overheard At Work


Co-worker: Did you see where Oprah interviewed James Frey again today?
Me: No. But didn’t she ream him for lying in his book, and, more importantly, making her look bad, over four years ago?
Co-worker: Yeah, but then she had an epiphany…..
Me: You mean ‘ratings ploy’.
Co-worker: Whatever. She said she was in the shower and she heard a voice telling her to interview him again.
Me: That wasn’t a voice. It was Gayle, scrubbing her back.




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4 responses to “>Overheard At Work

  1. >Okay, that sounds totally accurate…Although the visual makes me want to go blind.

  2. >Your infinite love for Oprah aside, I think James Frey is smoking HOT!!

  3. >Bob, we need to get you into a Hollywood writing chair, yesterday.

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