>Light Posting Ahead


Carlos and i will be having our Second Annual Cinco de Never party this Saturday, so posting will be light, and preplanned, for the next couple of days.

We have Chalupas to fill, and Ceviches to make, and Guacamole and Salsa and Green Chile Salsa, to prep. There are Margaritas to make–and my special Bob-a-rita, too–and Sangria to create, and Flan to bake. There are rooms to clean and dishes to set out and flowers to get and music to ready.

Plus, there’s that whole Rapture thing set up to ruin the day. I friended God on Facebook, and sent him….her[?]…a private message asking that the Rapture be put off for a while since we had planned this day long before the announcement of the End Times was made. I mean, had I known, I would have had the party last weekend.

Anyhoo, I may not get much of a chance to comment over the next couple of days, but I will play catch up after the weekend.

Happy Cinco de Never, y’all!



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9 responses to “>Light Posting Ahead

  1. >I'm interpreting this blog post as an open invitation to all of your readers. I'll be there at noon.The rapture doesn't start until 6pm, so we'll have plenty of time to celebrate before we make our ascension ūüôā

  2. >You two have a blast!

  3. >I guess I should find God now. Have fun this weekend

  4. >I second Cubby. Should I bring the pasta salad, or some devil's food cake?

  5. Joy

    >Enjoy! Why do you call it Cinco de Never? Love, Bernice

  6. >Well you have a wonderful party tootes and when the raptures happens you will still see me and read my blog as I'm pretty sure I'm going below to be the Mistress of the underworld!

  7. >set an extra place setting for Jesus, who knows, you may distract him from the whole rapture drama.

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