>"I Can See Mexico From My House"


It’s all very hush hush, so secretive, but rumor has it that Sarah Palin has grown tired of being the helicopter-hunting-moose-easting-dumbass from Alaska and is planning a move to Arizona.
Arizona. Like that state needs another reason for the rest of the country to snicker at them behind their back. McCain. Brewer. Palin. It’s the trifecta of moronic, dimwitted, bigoted, tyrannical politicians.
But chatter has it, though her lawyers declined comment, that a recent Arizona real estate transaction could see Mama Grizzly Bore relocating to Scottsdale. It seems that a $1.7 million cash deal closed on an 8,000-square-foot house in northern Scottsdale right about the same time political gossip-mongers began chattering that The Bore was looking at the upscale Phoenix suburb as a potential base for a 2012 presidential run.
I laugh because she still seems to think that she’ll ever be president of anything.
But there are also rumors that The Bore might not try for the White House, but rather run for the seat of retiring Arizona Senator, Jon Kyl. Wow, Palin, Brewer and McCain, all in Arizona. It might be time to build that fence they keep talking about, only build it around the state to keep those wingnuts in.




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5 responses to “>"I Can See Mexico From My House"

  1. >You make the fence sound like a really good idea!

  2. >It is getting suspicious-er and suspicious-er!

  3. >At least if we consolidate all the asshats into one state, perhaps they actually COULD successfully secede from the union and no one would miss them. I volunteer to help Rick Perry pack his shit!

  4. >I hope this spurs the residents of Pima County (Tucson) to become their own state and not make it a joke in the press.¡Viva Baja Arizona!

  5. >OH GOD TELL ME THIS WILL COME TRUE!!! She might be just a wingnut to y'all. But she freaking lives here! What a dream come true! Palin gone, gone, gone from our otherwise lovely state.

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