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>Clint McCance Is Out……Of A Job

>Midland School Board Member Clint McCance is resigning.


Clint McCance:
“I am going to resign from the school board. It is to–to help my community, to help my school. I don’t want them to receive bad press or have a distraction because of some ignorant comments that have–that I made. If they decide later, you know, a year, five years, 10 years from now to vote me back in, if my constituents want that, then–then I will run again.”

Hopefully your constituents will have long-term memory and you will never be on any school board, anywhere, any time, ever. But then Clint McCance wants to apologize:

“I–you know, I would–would like to extend an apology, especially to those to those–to those families that have lost children, not just gay, heterosexual, all–all children that feel like suicide’s the only way out. It’s a–it saddens me, and–but especially for those five — five families that have just recently lost children. You know, I have–I have brought more hurt on them with these comments. And that was never my intention. And I apologize for that, because they don’t–they don’t deserve that. And I do feel genuinely bad for that, for them.”

Too little, too late. I might forgive, might, but I find it hard to forget that Clint McCance wished and hoped and prayed, that LGBTQ youth would kill themselves. Hopefully, he’ll learn to think before he speaks, and keep his homophobia and hate to himself.
Here’s McCance on Anderson Cooper 360:

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>Clint McCance: Homophobic Bully


“Borrowed” from Maybe It’s Just Me…..

The Arkansas Department of Education has condemned anti-gay messages purportedly posted by a north Arkansas school board member on Facebook:

“The Arkansas Department of Education strongly condemns remarks or attitudes of this kind and is dismayed to see that a school board official would post something of this insensitive nature on a public forum like Facebook. Because Mr. McCance is an elected official, the department has no means of dealing with him directly. However, the department does have staff who investigate matters of bullying in schools and we will monitor and quickly respond to any bullying of students that may occur because of this, as we have with other civil rights issues in the past”

Notice they didn’t ask him to apologize, to rethink his homophobic rant, or to resign.
They just condemned.
However, the Midland School Board, of which Clint McCance is an elected official, had this to say:

October 27, 2010
For Immediate Release:
The Midland School District, Board of Directors, administration, faculty, and staff do not support or condone the comments Mr. Clint McCance posted on his personal social networking page. Mr. McCance was not acting as an agent of the school board, but as a private citizen when this comment was posted. This post does not reflect the thoughts of the board or administration of the Midland School District.
The district strives to foster an environment that discourages all forms of bullying and an environment that encourages a safe and productive educational climate of all of our students. The district is very diligent in pursuing and addressing bullying of any variety on our campuses.
Dean Stanley, Superintendent
Midland School District

And Anderson Cooper had this to say:
And I have this to say:
Clint McCance cannot be fired. This is not a job, but an elected position. But, if you live in his district and have the ability to express your disgust and distaste for what he says, then you should do so.
Demand that he resign.
Demand a special election to replace him if he doesn’t.
You don’t like gay people? Good for you, nobody said you have to like us.
But to celebrate the suicides of five young men, and to hope there are more, is the lowest a person can sink without actually entering hell.
Arkansas? Midland school District families?
Demand that Clint McCance resign.


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>Clint McCance Needs To Resign Now


Clint McCance

Last weekend, while grocery shopping with Carlos, we stood in one aisle discussing what we were going to make for dinner that night. A woman walked by, and it was quite obvious by our conversation–and she was listening–that we were a couple. So she gave us the up-down look, the head shake, and the sneer, and then walked off with her shopping cart…filled with Lean Cuisine.
So, I get it. Some folks don’t like The Gays. And it’s usually due to fear or ignorance, or religious or political indoctrination. And that’s okay by me. You don’t like me for being a flaming queer, keep on moving.
But what’s frightening is that this week, in the Midland School District in Arkansas, school board member Clint McCance took his hatred, his fear, his ignorance, his bigotry, his stupidity, one step further.
Onto Facebook. It seems that Clint McCance took to his Facebook page last week to discuss his disgust for Spirit Day, a day in which a great many people, gay and straight, wore purple in remembrances of those LGBTQ youth who had committed suicide in recent months. Clint McCance says by doing so we were honoring “sin.” And then he went on; from his Facebook page:

“Seriously they want me to wear purple because five queers committed suicide. The only way I’m wearin’ it for them is if they all commit suicide. I can’t believe the people of this world have gotten this stupid. We are honoring the fact that they sinned and killed themselves because of their sin.”

Clint McCance is a school board member. A position of power where he helps set the education policy for students in the district. Is this the kind of man the Midland School District in Arkansas really thinks needs to be involved in education at all? Maybe so, but after his first hateful post, Clint McCance continued:

“Being a fag doesn’t give you the right to ruin the rest of our lives. If you get easily offended by being called a fag then don’t tell anyone you are a fag. Keep that shit to yourself. It pisses me off though that we make a special purple fag day for them. I like that fags cant procreate. I also enjoy the fact that they often give each other aids and die.”

Once more: Clint McCance is a school board member of the Midland School district in Arkansas.
One of Clint McCance’s duties, according to the Midland School District’s mission statement, is “making a difference” in the lives of students. And this is how he does it? So, if you’re as disgusted as I am that Clint McCance is allowed to be involved in the lives and education of children, let him know. It’s one thing to sneer at queers in the soup aisle at Kroger, but it’s quite another to spew the kind of hatred Clint McCance did on Facebook.
Meanwhile, back at Facebook, a page calling for Clint McCance to be fired has attracted some 10,000 members; follow it HERE. And Joe Solomonese, president of the Human Rights Campaign [HRC] has released a powerful statement about the effect rhetoric like Clint McCance’s has on all students, gay and straight:

“Clint McCance has put a face on the hate that devastates our young people. McCance and his hate shouldn’t be allowed near children, let alone managing their education. We call for his immediate resignation from the school board.”

So, add your voice to the list and go HERE to sign a petition calling for the immediate resignation of Clint McCance. He has no right to be involved in the education of children.



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